Our Staff

Individualized attention is the focus at Global America Title Services, LLC. Our handpicked staff, with their many years of experience, and deep roots in the community, are qualified and dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied. The majority of our employees have been with our company for 5 years. We believe employee longevity is extremely valuable in our industry, especially considering numerous changes affecting our profession. Our staff possesses the knowledge and experience, unmatched in our market, to properly handle all types of real estate transactions, which ultimately are the keys to our success in complying with new regulations that have been, and will continue to be implemented. At Global America Title Services, LLC, we provide many different avenues of training to our staff. Our training consists of providing our employees with a desire to learn, which gives us a competitive advantage over other companies, along with providing a complete breakdown of what is expected out of each employee depending on the position they will be retained for. The process continues with providing manuals to each employee, which discusses all avenues of our business, so they are fully aware and educated with every aspect of our business.

Awards and Honors